Prove Who Are You

When you sign certain documents relating to a Conveyancing Transaction or your legal representative provides you with your Certificate of Title, you must have your identity verified in a formal manner.

Verification of Identity or VoI is not a new concept in Australian law. It is a process carried out to ensure that a person is who they claim to be, thus to reduce the risks of identity fraud and fraudulent property transactions.

Lawyers and conveyancers are required to verify the identity of their clients themselves, or use a VOI Agent, including Australia Post, ZipID or IDSecure.

Australian citizens and residents who are overseas and are having their identity verified in accordance with the Model Participation Rules VOI Standard must have their identity verified at an Australian Consular Office.

The person being identified will need to provide original and current documents. In most cases, Australian Passport or foreign passport, plus Australian drivers licence or Photo Card, plus change of name or marriage certificate (if necessary) are needed.

For further information please refer to the Model Participation Rules and ARNECC Guidance Note 2 – Verification of Identity prescribed by Australian Registrars National E-Conveyancing Council, or just contact us:

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